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I see the future – it’s disappointingly like today (Eclipse plugin setup still painful)

I hate setting up plugins in Eclipse. Every time a new version comes out, like a kid hoping for a transformer under the tree at Christmas but getting a pair of socks, I get disappointed.

Helios, as shiny as its new socks are, still makes me click away to install plugin after plugin.

In desperation I turned to Genuitec’s Pulse, and it showed promise, but has enough bugs to make me fall back to plain Eclipse again. It often got confused about a plugin (hey google stop innovating and updating things!) and then you get stuck weeping “I just want to install the GEF”!

The other thing that puts me off pulse is that you have to have a separate “common” directory for plugins. I personally like the fact that plain Eclipse can just be picked up and moved without any installation hassles.

I while ago I tried and few other services like Yoxos which I should probably have another look at (Yoxos 5 is in Beta).

Anyone else just want to get stuff done and have a good solution?

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