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Ant 1.7 to 1.8 .Net builds

I recently needed to upgrade to Ant 1.8 to use Gmail as a smtp service for the ant MailLogger (mails the results of builds). Ant 1.8 is required as Gmail (among others) requires a STARTTLS to be sent and Ant 1.8 fixes a bug in 1.7.

Ant 1.8 no longer supports .Net tasks as core tasks as they have been moved to the AntLib project. To get the old tasks running,

  • Add the ant-donet-1.0 .jar to the ant lib dir
  • Add the xmlns to the project node
  • Prefix the old tasks with the xmlns
  • Change the case of any commands that require it (e.g. WsdlToDotnet becomes wsdltodotnet)


<project name="aqua">
  <csc debug="true" optimize="true"  targettype="exe">


<project name="aqua" xmlns:dn="antlib:org.apache.ant.dotnet">
  <dn:csc debug="true" optimize="true"  targettype="exe">

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