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Is REST over or just re-dressed?

I just read Steve Klabnik’s REST is over article which, while not as dramatic as the title suggests, pitches the admirable idea of renaming “real” REST services to Hypermedia APIs. I like the idea as I have felt and seen reoccurring confusion caused by (mis)understanding what representation state transfer encompasses. Steve’s main point is that the term Hypermedia clearly excludes certain types of REST-ish APIs. It certainly took me a little while to let go of idea of invoking operations and instead focus on changing the state of entities¬†resources.

Steve’s article was also a call to stop arguing and start building. I saw the argument as a symptom of the confusion around focusing on the best way to live up to REST-ful principals. There is clearly a love of getting things done http with (typically) human readable message formats. I’m more inclined¬†to peek at systems via their REST / JSON interfaces to quickly gather information rather than going via a client.

We think we still need a bite sized term for Hypermedia API; I like HAPI. Adding a little developer happiness can’t be argued with, right?