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Struts2 file upload max size error

A few lessons I learned from getting the Struts2 file upload feature to handle files larger that 2MB:

1. There are two settings that have to be changed to handle more than 2MB.

The first is the fileUpload interceptor’s maximumSize param and the second is the struts.multipart.maxSize. I set both in the example below in the struts.xml file (the struts.multipart.maxSize can also be set in the struts.properties or web.xml).

<!-- 104857600 - 100MB -->
<constant name="struts.multipart.maxSize" value="104857600" />
<action name="importCSVFile" method="importCSVFile" class="ImportCSVDataAction" >
  <result name="success" type="tiles">importdata</result>
  <result name="error" type="tiles">importdata</result>
  <result name="input" type="tiles">importdata</result>
  <interceptor-ref name="paramsPrepareParamsStack">
    <!-- 52428800 = 50mb -->
    <param name="fileUpload.maximumSize">52428800</param>

Notice that the above code overrides the fileUpload interceptor that is in the paramsPreparParams stack. It’s a nice shorthand way of using the interceptor name as the prefix and the param name as the suffix.

2. When either of the max size limits are exceeded you get a different error message.

  • The struts.multipart.maxSize gives a fairly clear and readable message as an action error
  • The¬†maximumSize param gives a very ugly message as a field error
I think both are not nice enough to present to the user so I catch them both in the validate method and replace with a nicer message:
private static final String MAX_FILE_SIZE = "50MB";
public void validate()
  List<String> uploadErrors = (List<String>)getActionErrors();
  if (getFieldErrors().get("upload") != null)
  for (String err : uploadErrors)
    if (err.startsWith("File too large") || err.startsWith("the request was rejected because its size"))
      addActionError(getText(MSG_KEY_ERROR_FILE_TOO_LARGE, Arrays.asList(MAX_FILE_SIZE)));

3. Note that in the first example of the struts.xml code I have the input result set. The max size errors will return a input result, so if you don’t have this defined you get a servlet error message.

Chrome returning null content type on file upload

Chrome (up to at least 8.0.552.215) has issues with content types of files. For me it was if the file did not have an extension.

See here for the old (unfixed issue) and here for the new issue.

Note: I’m using struts 2.0.14 with the FileUploadInterceptor (uses ServletFileUpload and JakataMultipartRequest) and if I upload a file without an extension then struts throws a null pointer exception. If I take the same file and add any extension (e.g. .bin) then it will upload correctly.

Looking at the code for struts 2.2.1 or the current trunk (line 275) it still looks like this is a problem.

Firefox defaults to “application/octet-stream” which, in this case, works.

Anyone else had this issue or has a workaround? Maybe allow the setting of a default content type in the FileUploadInterceptor?

Update: This appears to be fixed in the code base – waiting for word on when it will get into a release.