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Minecraft Modding: A Template Mod

My son loves playing Minecraft mods and wanted to make his own. He had a plethora of grand ideas. I advised to start small to create something achievable. And thus the Sandwich Mod (GitHub link) was created. It adds a piece of bread and a slice of cheese, which can be crafted into a cheese sandwich.

I couldn’t find any quick start mod samples for Minecraft 1.11, but I did find a reasonably straight-forward and detailed video tutorial series by CJMinecraft. From the ideas there I created a simple mod that adds 3 new edible items and a recipe.

To get started you need

  • The Java 1.8 JDK installed
  • A Java IDE (Eclipse or Intellj)
  • git to check out the code
  • A copy of Minecraft

The mod is based on Mincraft Forge, which provides a bunch of hooks to get started. I use Gradle as a build tool as it downloads all the dependencies you need and compiles and packages the mod.

Forge also provides a launcher so you can start Minecraft from your IDE with you mod installed to play-test or debug.

Check out the readme file on GitHub for all the instructions and let me know if you get stuck.